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How important is iron for children?

How important is iron for children? Iron is an important mineral for children’s growth because it helps promote various developments. It is also an important component of red blood cells to carry oxygen to various organs of the body, resulting in a balanced body with

How does PM2.5 harm your skin?

How does PM2.5 harm your skin? PM2.5 dust has small particles that can penetrate the skin. It is considered a foreign substance in the skin layer. The acute effect causes itchy rashes on the skin, especially for people with skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis,

What to do if you have a headache after running?

What to do if you have a headache after running? headache relief There are many types of headaches after depending on different causes. Examples of common headaches include : 1. Throbbing : Occurs after running for a short period of time. Feels like something is hitting the head. Usually

Farke urged his team to move forward quickly.

Leeds United manager Daniel Farke congratulated Queens Park Rangers after the team lost 0-4 and urged his team to fight quickly.     The defeat of Leeds United team made Leicester City guaranteed promote back to the Premier League next season. While Farke’s team still has

Rakitic hopes Modric join Al-Shabaab.

Ivan Rakitic reveals he will try to convince Luka Modric to reunite with Al-Shabaab. Ivan Rakitic, Croatian midfielder Revealed that he will do everything in his power to convince fellow midfielder Luka Modric to join him at Al-Shabaab in the Saudi Pro League after the

How is a low-carb diet good for people with diabetes?

Many research studies indicate that Eating a low-carb diet helps people control their diabetes better. One study of subjects with type 2 diabetes who ate a low-carbohydrate diet for 6 months found that. They had significantly better control over their diabetes. And for those with type 1 diabetes