What to do if you have a headache after running?

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What to do if you have a headache after running?

headache relief There are many types of headaches after depending on different causes.

Examples of common headaches include :

1. Throbbing : Occurs after running for a short period of time. Feels like something is hitting the head. Usually not severe and disappears on its own.

2. Migraine : Occurs after running for several hours, feels like a throbbing pain, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, or sensitivity to light and sound. Usually moderate to severe symptoms, requires headache medication.

3. Sinus headache : Occurs after for several days. Feels dull pain, has nasal congestion, runny nose, or cough.

Common causes of post-running headaches and how to fix them

Common causes :

1. Vascular dilation : Running causes blood to https://ufabet999.app flow faster and blood pressure to rise, causing blood vessels in the head to dilate, resulting in a throbbing headache.

How to relieve a headache from vasodilation: Stop running immediately when you feel a headache, rest in a comfortable position, sit or lie down, warm up before adjust your running, run slower, shorter distances, stretch your muscles after. If it doesn’t get better, consult a doctor.

2. Dehydration : Loss of water through sweat during running affects electrolyte levels in the body and can lead to headaches.

The way to deal with from dehydration is to drink enough water before, during and after running.

3. Heat : Hot weather, extreme temperatures, or running for too long can cause the body to overheat, affecting the circulatory system and possibly causing headaches.

Ways to relieve heat headaches include running in cool air, avoiding running in the sun, wearing a hat, and drinking cold water.

4. Stress : Stress affects your muscles, including your neck muscles, and can cause headaches.

Ways to relieve tension headaches include managing stress, stretching, adjusting your running habits, and taking medications such as paracetamol .

5. Over-exercising : Running too hard takes a toll on your body and can cause headaches.

The way to solve from overexercise is to adjust your running behavior and reduce overexercise.