How to play baccarat

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How to play baccarat for the first time of the newcomers must know about Baccarat card deal rules. It starts with the staff dealing cards by facing up 2 cards for both the player and the banker. where the first 2 cards of both sides get 1 – 5 points, must draw 1 card. If getting 6 – 7 points, there will be no draw. More cards and if you get 8 – 9 points, you don’t have to draw another card in Baccarat. And it is also considered Pok 8 and Pok 9 because if there are 9 points, it is considered winning with the highest points and this is the basic way of playing baccarat. that everyone must know

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Baccarat online betting rules and Baccarat card counting

  • A         has a point equal to 1 point.
  • 2 – 9 have points equal to the number of numbers on the face of the card.
  • 10 is equal to 0 points.
  • J          is equal to 0 points.
  • Q         is equal to 0 points.
  • K        is equal to 0 points.

Baccarat Betting 

  1. Player is a bet on the player’s side.
  2. Banker is a bet on the banker.
  3. Tie Game is a tie bet between the Player and the Banker.
  4. Player Pair is a bet on the Player’s side to issue a pair of cards or the same face in the first 2 cards.
  5. Banker Pair is a bet that the banker will issue a pair of cards or the same face in the first 2 cards.