Farke urged his team to move forward quickly.

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Leeds United manager Daniel Farke congratulated Queens Park Rangers after the team lost 0-4 and urged his team to fight quickly.

    The defeat of Leeds United team made Leicester City guaranteed promote back to the Premier League next season. While Farke’s team still has to wait hard after having 90 points from 45 games, they are in 2nd place but have only one point lead over Ipswich and have played more than two games.

    Farke told Register ufabet Sports after the game: “First of all congratulations to QPR, it was a well-deserved victory for them and we have to accept defeat. The first 15 minutes were… decide the game We were poor during that time. Haven’t won in a duel.”

    “We talk a lot about principles, about tactics, but today the fundamentals were not very good with moving and compacting the space as a team and winning duels. Then we were 2-0 down.”

    “Then we started playing the game, trying to put pressure on them. And they scored two more goals from set pieces. And then we have to make sure we don’t concede another goal. Today it’s over.”

    “The last two games we conceded too many goals, today we conceded too many, there are reasons that are not excuses – we have to turn things around quickly. The absence of key players, with the team being so young perhaps they were nervous or overly motivated. Everyone has a role to play.”

    “We know that in terms of automatic promotion we are not in the best position at the moment. But this team has no reason to stay in their poor game today. With 90 points after 45 games, you normally win the league. It’s not a time to feel sorry for yourself. We must move forward.”