Man Utd would be embarrassed if “Frenkie” moved into Chelsea.

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Manchester United legend Gary Neville believes his former club would be embarrassed if Frenkie de Jong moves to Chelsea.

It is believe that he is Erik ten Hag’s main goal for building a new team in the new era

, but Frenkie De Jong insists on staying at Barcelona, ​​and most recently, “Sing the Blues” entered. Joining the group trying to grab

Neville, it would be embarrassing for United if De Jong moved to a league rival

: “If United didn’t get him, it would be a shame if he moved to Chelsea. It’s very bad,” he told UFABET

. “If he doesn’t want to come. This deal should be terminate several weeks ago

. There must be a conversation between them saying ‘

Neville also described the deal in three possible scenarios, the only way it didn’t hurt United was De Jong’s move to Old Trafford

. On the front, he’s coming and then Man United will look smart and patient,” he added.

“The second way is that he stays at Barça, which is a bit embarrassing. because they put all their eggs in one basket and they won’t have anyone to add. They will have vulnerabilities in the team. They started the season with Fred and (Scott) McTominay, who looked like they couldn’t reach their goals

. is that he moved to a rival club in the Premier League. and come face to face with the manager he has worked with for the past few years.”