Hainer emphasizes wanting a coach suitable for Bayern.

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Herbert Hainer once again confirmed that Thomas Tuchel will work with Bayern Munich until the end of this season and discussed the qualities of the next trainer of Bayern Munich.

Herbert Hainer, president of Bayern Munich, UFABET made it clear that Thomas Tuchel will work until the end of this season. Before speaking about the club’s desire for a new coach who is suitable for the team and ready to meet the high standards expected, according to a report from UFABET Germany on Friday. 

‘We made it clear what our plan is. The coach (Tuchel) will stay until the end of the season. That gives us enough time to look for a successor. But it’s never good to ask questions after every game. Will the coach still be there? What happens if you lose to Arsenal? Until the end of the season, the team, together with Thomas Tuchel, should give their all to go as far as possible in the Champions League. And if there is a decision on the question of coaches The club will comment on this matter,’ Hainer said.

Bayern Munich president also spoke about Bayern Munich failure in trying to lure Xabi Alonso from Leverkusen. Became the new trainer saying ‘Xabi Alonso will be good for every club in the world. But I wasn’t disappointed because he never said he would move out. Leverkusen Now it is claimed that Xabi Alonso has turned down FC Bayern. He recently announced that he will stay until the end of his contract. Leverkusen’

‘We need a coach for FC Bayern that is suitable for us. and ready to meet the high standards we expect of ourselves. That’s the most important thing.’